Dust Collector
Dust And Mist Collector,Dust Collector,Mist Collector+Magnetic Separator+Paper Filter
Mist Collector is equipped with an automatic water draining device. When Mist Collector stops or collects too much cutting fluid, those fluid will be drained automatically to magnetic separator or paper filter.
Inlet speed of wind: 22m/s (1HP) Noise: 69db Capacity: 5m3/min
Other 2
1. MDT can work with Magnetic Separator and Paper Filter.
2. Choose from 20L, 40L, and 60L of capacity, and Standard or super type of magnetic roller for magnetic Separator depending on customers' need.
3. Pump is 1/8HP and 1/4HP. Suggestion: 1/8HP with 20L or 40L of capacity of Magnetic Separator. 1/4HP with 60L of apacity of MAgnetic Separator.