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Uni Magnetic Industrial Co., Ltd. is the very first and leading manufacturer in providing solutions for coolant filtration and management in metalworking arena in Taiwan. With 30 years of development and manufacturing experience, we have developed an extensive product range that can meet customers' needs for filtration products. Magnetic Separator and Paper Filter are our fundamental products since 1980. Our various coolant filtration systems can remove fine contaminant from 50 micron to 1 micron of particle size, therefore significantly extend the life of coolant and improve surface brightness. Our products have extensive applications for machine tools, such as Grinding Machine, Honing Machine, Lapping Machine, CNC tool and cutter grinder, Machining Center and more. These solutions not only help achieve environmentally-driven projects at your facility, but also keep valuable metal alloys separate to maximize their value in recycling. With over 30 years of experience in delivering solutions that provide significant savings and quality improvements for metalworking and recycling operations, UNIMAG can always fulfill customers’ needs and provide benefits in metalworking arena.

Company Profile

About Us

1980.02.22. Registered as Uni Magnetic Corporation, Uni Mag was set up with a starting capital of NT$30,000 and manufactured WAB lifting magnetic chuck in Fengyuan City in central Taiwan.
1981 Uni Mag started to produce MC magnetic separators with three employees.
1982 Uni Mag received an order from a famous bearing company and gained invaluable and practical insights into magnetic filtration systems by manufacturing magnetic filtration systems and repairing and improving systems made in Japan for Bearing.
1984 Uni Mag moved to Tanzi Township (now Tanzi District) and started mass-produce Paper Filters.
1987 Uni Mag built a bigger plant in Tanzi Township (now Tanzi District). The original name of “Uni Magnetic Corporation” was changed into “Uni Magnetic Industrial Co. Ltd” and the company had a capital increase of NT$5 million.
1990 Uni Mag mass-produce CL centrifuges and DS oil skimmers.
1992 The MC model was changed into MCA and the PF model was changed into PFA.
1993 Uni Mag mass-produced HC Hydrocyclones.
1994 Uni Mag mass-produced MSA Super Type Magnetic Separators.
1995 Uni Mag mass-produced DF Drum Type Paper Filters and SDC Drum Type Scraper Separators.
2000 Uni Mag had a capital increase of NT$28 million.
2001 Uni Mag held CE Certification.
Uni Mag moved to Changhua Coastal Industrial Park in Lukang Township with a business premises area of 5000 m2 of facilities and 5700 m2 of land.
Uni Mag mass-produced BF Bag Filters and Dust Collectors.
2002 Uni Mag mass-produced SCM Spiral Type Magnetic Chip Conveyors and SS 10 Times Magnetic Separators
2003 Uni Mag launched Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Uni Mag developed and mass-produced Chip-Conveyors equipped with a cutting coolant facility.
Uni Mag mass-produced magnetic Roller Conveyors.
2004 Uni Mag mass-produced Super Easy Magnetic Separators.
2005 Uni Mag had a capital increase of NT$ 68 million.
Uni Mag mass-produced Mist and Dust Collectors.
2006 Uni Mag had an expansion of 10000m2 of land and 5000m2 of facilities
Uni Mag mass-produced SSJ Super Magnetic Separators, DBF Drum Type Belt Filters, MSH High Magnetic Force Magnetic Separators and LG60 Level Gauges.
2007 Uni Mag held ISO 9001 Certification.
Uni Mag introduced 5S Management.
Uni Mag mass-produced MCJ Easy Scrape Magnetic Separators
2008 Uni Mag had a capital increase of NT$ 88 million.
Uni Mag mass-produced CF High Precision Candle Filters
2009 Uni Mag had an expansion of 3000m2 of land with a three-floored plant. The premises totaled 13000m2.
Uni Mag mass-produced MSJD Double Driven Magnetic Separators, OSF Floating Oil Skimmers, PFD Press Type Paper Filers and PC Precoat-Filters.
2010 Uni Mag improved DF and launched DFA Drum Type paper Filters.
Uni Mag mass-produced BFP Pressure Belt Filters, CW High Precision Candle Filter for Water-based Coolants.

Management Philosophy

Established in 1970, Uni Mag is a leading coolant filtration system manufacturer in Taiwan with more 30 years of experience in manufacturing filtration system for cutting and grinding fluid. Uni Mag specializes in providing customers with solutions on technical problems pertaining to filter. Complemented by a thorough product line, Uni Mag is able to cater to diverse customer demands. At the present time, the demand for higher standards of coolant filtration system can be attributed to the advancement of industrial technology, innovation in machinery development, and diversification of processing workpieces. It is against the backdrop of the industry’s development that Uni Mag launches products targeted at higher precision and lesser filter media. Uni Mag is committed to its customers by continuous innovative improvement with a view to achieving mutual benefits by spotting a niche for both customer and the company in the fickle market. Adhering to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, Uni Mag makes every effort to give priority to customer requirement.


Quality Policy

Bring happiness to those around us

To bring happiness to customers, we guarantee quality and punctuality.
To bring happiness to companies, we continue to develop and innovate to help them achieve healthy profits.
To bring happiness to our manufacturers, we are dedicated to business credibility and sustainable management.
To bring happiness to families, we devote ourselves to our duties and seek improved quality of lives.
To bring happiness to ourselves, we take great pleasure in work and pursue constant professional development.

Coolant Filtration Manufacturer

Uni Magnetic Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading Coolant Management Manufacturer in Taiwan, has been specializing in producing Coolant Filtration, Coolant Separator and Fluid Management for over 30 year. Our main products including Paper Filter, Magnetic Separator and Dust Collector, superior quality and competitive price is guaranteed. If you are looking for Scrape Magnetic Separator, Paper Filter and Pressure Belt Filter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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